17 April 2013

Hey Guys,

You’re probably wondering why I haven’t been posting and that’s because I’m just not sure what I want to right about. I’ll start lots post and they’re all in my drafts unfinished. That’s a problem I’m trying to figure out – the fact that I’m having trouble finishing anything.

I think I need to figure out how to plan things out and stick to said plans. I need to figure out how to sort things out so that I spend my time on the right things. But my healthy lifestyle is also on a downward spiral. I cannot seem to stick to anything. Like I have commitment issues. 

I need a sort of blank slate. I’ve been having anxiety symptoms so I went to see a psychologist turns out I’m having the early stages of anxiety. Joy -_-. It’s something that’s hereditary. She said that I should start to write in a journal which will help me to get out what I need to and it’s also something I can control because I also feel like I’m not in control. It’s another reason I haven’t been posting because anything that could have gone on my blog is in my aqua blue journal that I luuurve with all my being. 


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