Bared To You: Caribbean Teen Review

Bared To You by Sylvia Day is approximately 352 pages according to It was the first book I’ve read by Sylvia Day and I don’t regret buying it.

Before I buy a book I like to check out other reviews and see how many stars they gave the book. On goodreads, the average amount of stars Bared To You was give was 4.21 out of 5. I gave it 4 stars which insinuates that I “really like it”.  Any who, as I looked through the reviews I noted that people claimed that it was like Fifty Shades of Grey. My friend who recommended Bared To You to me, also said she heard it was like Fifty Shades but much better.

I have to agree. Bared To You was very, very similar to Fifty Shades of Grey but I also have to agree that it was way better. I think the best way to really get my point across is to lay out the differences between the story.

Eva : Anastasia

not a virgin : virgin

dark soul : clueless

has a therapist : doesn’t need medical help

Gideon : Christain

rich : rich

boss : boss

has an ex who wants them

wants the dom/sub relationship

doesn’t use pain with sex : has a pain room

both have therapist


Those are just some of the similarities and differences between the character. I don’t want  to spoil the story for others who might want to read Bared To You by going into detail. I feel like Bared To You is like a Fifty Shades of Grey sibling, they are a like but Bared To You has its own quirks and plot twists that make it so much better and more realistic. 

I’d recommend  Bared To You to ages 17+, and readers who like sexy billionaires, erotic scenes and broken characters.

This is my very first book review and I hope you enjoyed it. 


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