Bared To You: Caribbean Teen Review

Bared To You by Sylvia Day is approximately 352 pages according to It was the first book I’ve read by Sylvia Day and I don’t regret buying it.

Before I buy a book I like to check out other reviews and see how many stars they gave the book. On goodreads, the average amount of stars Bared To You was give was 4.21 out of 5. I gave it 4 stars which insinuates that I “really like it”.  Any who, as I looked through the reviews I noted that people claimed that it was like Fifty Shades of Grey. My friend who recommended Bared To You to me, also said she heard it was like Fifty Shades but much better.

I have to agree. Bared To You was very, very similar to Fifty Shades of Grey but I also have to agree that it was way better. I think the best way to really get my point across is to lay out the differences between the story.

Eva : Anastasia

not a virgin : virgin

dark soul : clueless

has a therapist : doesn’t need medical help

Gideon : Christain

rich : rich

boss : boss

has an ex who wants them

wants the dom/sub relationship

doesn’t use pain with sex : has a pain room

both have therapist


Those are just some of the similarities and differences between the character. I don’t want  to spoil the story for others who might want to read Bared To You by going into detail. I feel like Bared To You is like a Fifty Shades of Grey sibling, they are a like but Bared To You has its own quirks and plot twists that make it so much better and more realistic. 

I’d recommend  Bared To You to ages 17+, and readers who like sexy billionaires, erotic scenes and broken characters.

This is my very first book review and I hope you enjoyed it. 

What Do You Think About Before Going To Sleep At Night?

I was scrolling down my tumblr dashboard when I came across this question. And it made me really think about what goes through my mind before I fall asleep.

Firstly, you guys should know I don’t fall asleep easily and before I started seeing a therapist I had regular nightmares. Before I went to bed each night it became a habit for me to think about what I want to dream about, I also do that when I wake up from a nightmare.

I realized that before I go to sleep at night I think about things that are my ‘fairytale’ probably will only happen if I have a fairy godmother hanging around somewhere. I think about being happy before going to sleep. Happiness is a feeling I don’t think people give enough credit to because if someone is happy then they’re set for life. I truly believe happiness is key to everyone’s problems.

My happiness would include my brother doing well in school. My dad’s business finally working for him instead of sucking away his happiness. My bio dad calling me more. My mom finding someone to spend the rest of her life with, where she wouldn’t have to struggle and stress financially me. And me, my happiness would also be if I could just love myself.

I can’t believe I haven’t written in so

I can’t believe I haven’t written in so long! I blame it on my laptop. It’s been giving me problems for months and I’ve finally got it to work without any screw ups at the moment.

So I’m finally in Grade 10 and in Grade 10 we are required to do the personal project. I might make a post about it or a youtube video if you guys are interested. Anyway, I chose to write a novel as my personal project. But not just any book. A book that I know for a fact I’d want to read. A book that can make people cry because they fell in love with the character and feels their pain. 

My books going to deal with mental illnesses and disorders teenagers face. Through youtube I’ve come across so many people lives and I will hopefully include bits of their story in the book. I’m also going to use tumblr as a way to find out how teens with disorders work because there are quite a few on there. 

I’m wondering. Would it be bad if I freely wrote without worrying about my language even though the project is meant for school? Thoughts?


High School

How I wonder

If he thinks about me

Girl, he’s always on my mind

He doesn’t act like he likes me. 


Sometimes I think I’m not good enough for him

Can’t help but want him to notice me

Help me figure out what to do

Or maybe I should give him time

Or maybe I should forget about him

Love sucks.


This was written by me today. Feeling about down about the guy I’ve been crushing on. It sucks when you can’t stop thinking about someone who doesn’t think about you.


Why I (Probably) Won’t Be Doing The Deed in High School

The Deed. It. Yes it’s capitalized. No, I’m not prude and I feel perfectly fine saying the 3-letter word aloud but I feel that for the purpose of this post said word is unnecessary.   

I recently ready Judy Blume book, Forever…, and my wonderful ears also tuned into some unwanted information from a conversation two boys were having in the back of the math classroom. 


Firstly I’ll talk about the book. Forever… was written in 1975 and so it’s what I’d call an old time book. Words like laid are used, as in “I laid twice before.” It’s not exactly the way we would use laid now. Anyhow, I’ve tried to read many old books but this is probably one of the only ones I’ve finished and enjoyed. The girl and boy fell in love and eventually had sex as seniors in high school and they believe they’re going to be together forever, hence the title. As the statistic goes with most high school relationships it doesn’t last. Whiles they were together she fell for someone else over their summer apart and he decided to tell her that he slept with everyone where ever he was in America. 

That turned me off. I highly doubt that he actually slept with anyone else and I know she didn’t. (Yes, I take book relationships seriously.) People that you love can hurt you so easily  and as a teenager, we can be very irrational. The book made me think about the fact that I could do the deed with someone and within moments the relationship could be over. The girl in the book never thought things would end and gladly gave her body over. After reading the book I felt like I would be taking less of a risk if I stayed away from doing anything with the boys whilst I’m in high school.

Moving on, what I heard in my math class….

“Dude, at the music festival me and Jen are gonna do it.”


“Ya man, it’s gonna be my first time. I’m a bit nervous.”

“You want me to give you some pointers.”

“Ya dog, that’d be awesome.”

“Ok, so it’s nasty. The girl…..”

I tuned out after that. I didn’t want my fragile and innocent ears to hear anymore crap. My second reason why I won’t be giving it up in high school is that boys are braggers and have little manners. Seriously if I was that girl and I heard that my boyfriend was telling his friends about what will be our “special” moment at a concert, I’d break up with him right there and then. Boys don’t have great understanding up what’s private and what’s best left untold. 

Everyone in high school talks and I don’t want my first or fifth time to be publicized throughout the school so my peers and teachers can know all my business. I’ve heard plenty of stories about other teenager’s sexcapades and I don’t want to be another one. 

P.S. ~ I also don’t think being in love is a reason to have sex.

17 April 2013

Hey Guys,

You’re probably wondering why I haven’t been posting and that’s because I’m just not sure what I want to right about. I’ll start lots post and they’re all in my drafts unfinished. That’s a problem I’m trying to figure out – the fact that I’m having trouble finishing anything.

I think I need to figure out how to plan things out and stick to said plans. I need to figure out how to sort things out so that I spend my time on the right things. But my healthy lifestyle is also on a downward spiral. I cannot seem to stick to anything. Like I have commitment issues. 

I need a sort of blank slate. I’ve been having anxiety symptoms so I went to see a psychologist turns out I’m having the early stages of anxiety. Joy -_-. It’s something that’s hereditary. She said that I should start to write in a journal which will help me to get out what I need to and it’s also something I can control because I also feel like I’m not in control. It’s another reason I haven’t been posting because anything that could have gone on my blog is in my aqua blue journal that I luuurve with all my being.