Life. Where’s my lemons?

What is life? We all seem to have our own definitions of it, this four letter word but do we really know? According to Google, that know it all guide that sometimes doesn’t have the answers, life is living things and their activity. 

I don’t know about everyone else but I’m in such a state of confusion that that little definition isn’t giving me what I really want. The problem is that life is a challenge to define even by philosophers and scientists. I don’t think people can define life because it is different for everyone. There can’t be a set definition.

Since I think that, what does life mean to me? Life is waking up in the morning and breathing; seeing, hearing and thinking things; smiling, laughing and crying; being around people who love and hate me; believing in something; doing any and everything; wishing and hoping. Take a moment out of your life and ask yourself, what does life mean to you. I could go on and on about what it means to me and that’s the thing about life. The word life encompasses so many things to so many different and unique people. Life is filled with labels and therefor it can’t be labeled.

Life just is.

In life there will be complications and problems but also moments you wish you could relive and that you cherish. We have to realize that we only have this one life and at times it will feel like you just happened to get that defect life. Remember we can’t sit around waiting for lemons to be thrown at us because chances are that will never happen. In the end we all just need to try our best and never stop restarting. 


Day 3 – 30 Day Yoga Challenge

Yesterday which was Friday I only did the Morning Yoga for Flexibility.

Today I did: 

Yoga for Balance

Gentle Yoga Routine

Before Bed Time Yoga


I am truly happy that I started doing the 30 Day Yoga Challenge because I already feel a difference in my happiness and focus. 


Good Night/Morning x


They’re just names,

Simple words,

But they’re sharp,

Razor sharp.

You say them to me,

Behind my back,

In loud whispers,

And you laugh.

It hurts,

Those words,

They hurt.

I hold it in,

And walk away,

I know I shouldn’t,

But I can’t help myself.

I walk inside,

And lock the door,

I’m not alone in here,

But I don’t care anymore.

I cry,

Until the tears,

Don’t come anymore.

I unlock the door,

Splash my face,

And walk out with a smile.

All those feelings,

Hidden away,

To seep through another day.

By Samora Lewis.