I can’t believe I haven’t written in so

I can’t believe I haven’t written in so long! I blame it on my laptop. It’s been giving me problems for months and I’ve finally got it to work without any screw ups at the moment.

So I’m finally in Grade 10 and in Grade 10 we are required to do the personal project. I might make a post about it or a youtube video if you guys are interested. Anyway, I chose to write a novel as my personal project. But not just any book. A book that I know for a fact I’d want to read. A book that can make people cry because they fell in love with the character and feels their pain. 

My books going to deal with mental illnesses and disorders teenagers face. Through youtube I’ve come across so many people lives and I will hopefully include bits of their story in the book. I’m also going to use tumblr as a way to find out how teens with disorders work because there are quite a few on there. 

I’m wondering. Would it be bad if I freely wrote without worrying about my language even though the project is meant for school? Thoughts?



It’s finally Spring Break!

Hola everyone!

I’m feeling extra chipper today. Why you ask? Well firstly if the title didn’t clue you in, it’s spring break and any amount of time away from school, no matter how much I love school, is a good time. The second reason is that my birthday is in 6 days, on March 30th I will be another year older. I’ve always loved my birthday and I really hope that as I get older I still love it.

My mom likes to have Birthday Weeks which basically means the Birthday Girl/Boy gets special treatment for the week that their birthday falls on. To start off the week my mom got me this beautiful journal in my favourite colour, teal, and I love it. It’s small and fits in my handbag plus it has this almost magical feel to it as if whatever I write in it will be sacred.

My journal is a negative thought free zone; I only want positive thoughts, dreams, and quotes in it.

My journal has also motivated me to start writing a novel, I’ve always written short stories in class and it’s always been a dream of mine to write a proper book. My goal isn’t that it gets published it’s mainly for me.